Fresh Ideas in Search Engine Marketing for E-Retailers

Sitting outside a small restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey, an idea was born.  For the past 3 years this idea has culminated into a workbook series to help online retailers create and manage Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.

This year NetElixir is proud to announce its release of the newest workbook which focuses on sharing knowledge of the top ten SEM ideas that were rated “very useful” by over 5,000 retailers in the US, UK, and Germany.

Download a free copy today at !

-The NetElixir Team

Major Shift in Online Holiday Sales Over Black Friday Weekend

Black Friday Weekend brought a lot of sales and unexpected trends this year. The biggest shopping day of the year has now expanded to a weekend long event! Our Retail Intelligence Team tracked paid search advertising metrics for 32 US online retailers over the holiday weekend (midnight 11/23 to midnight 11/27, 6-hourly) and has captured some exciting changes in search and online shopping patterns:

1. A shocking 16% of the total weekend sales occurred on the actual Thanksgiving Holiday this year, compared to less that 10% last year!

2. 52% of all online purchases were made between 6pm ET and midnight ET!  (24/7 Paid Search Campaign Management has become a ‘MUST”.)

3. Average CPC on Google Adwords registered a Y/Y increase of 50%+ over the weekend.

All of these trends are further explained & more in our new white paper showcasing the insights of Black Friday Weekend. It is complete with statistics & tips, available for free at:

We also have our daily CPC index that compares CPC’s for this year vs. same day last year. We highly recommend using our Free Holiday CPC tracker – – to keep track of daily CPC inflation and to plan your SEM budget for the day for the rest of the holiday season.

Even if Black Friday did not go as well as you had hoped it would have, we’re here to help retailers have the best online marketing programs for the rest of the holiday season & create optimal results!


The GOST framework – NetElixir helping retailers propel holiday sales!

Now that we’re back home in Princeton after our summer trip the Etail Boston, I wanted to share some prominent feedback from the retailers & an important piece of advice given by our CEO, Udayan regarding the questions that the retailers had. The show attracted over 800 retailers eager to gain new information and actionable insights. The mood at the show can be described as “cautiously-optimistic”. The recent economic volatility was partially responsible for the anxiousness.

Many retailers asked us questions related to our ongoing SEM key parameter study (we started this research on SEM campaigns of 32 mid sized and large US online retailers – all our clients – in September 2008. The results are published by us quarterly).

The top 3 questions were –

  • What’s the projected Cost per click for our category in November-December this year?
  • The uncertain economic scenario has impacted the conversion latency for most acquisition channels. How should we factor this in our holiday marketing campaigns?
  • Can you suggest a simple yet powerful framework to optimally manage SEM campaigns?

Udayan participated in a panel discussion on holiday preparedness. His most important piece of advice for retailers regarding preparing online marketing programs for the holiday season is an extremely powerful yet simple framework to manage any online marketing program – the GOST framework.


GOST is an acronym for “Goals/Objectives – Strategic Initiatives – Tactics”

The GOST framework has been applied by us on a wide range of retailer’s online marketing campaigns – SEM, CSE, SMM – and it has always delivered exceptional results.

Download a complimentary one pager on GOST framework at:

Using GOST to run exceptional online marketing campaigns is just one of many useful tips from NetElixir’s 2011 Fresh Ideas Holiday Workbook. If you find this helpful and would like to have the workbook for yourself, please email me at and I can send you a complimentary copy.

I hope that with this piece of vital information, along with the rest of them given in our workbook, we can help retailers plan successful online marketing campaigns this holiday season and have the highest ROI possible!


NetElixir at the Etail 2011 in Boston

The NetElixir team arrived yesterday in Boston for Day 1 of the Etail 2011!

It is great for me to see how many retailers have come out this week to the show. They are able to experience insightful seminars to learn ways to improve their online performances as well as network with the many vendors like us here to help with those improvements. Even with the economy taking a turn for the worse, representatives from these retailers remain positive and are coming to us with hope of being able to be more successful online through SEM, SEO, CSE, social media & more. I believe it is a great learning experience for all attendees – retailers and vendors.

Like the IRCE, our NetElixir orange jute tote bags are a hit!  Inside the bags we are also including the bonus of a complimentary copy of our 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook. Even if a retailer is not currently in need for one of our services, we are still able to give them these books and provide them with useful tips and help for all of their online marketing programs this holiday season. Hopefully even with the current economic conditions, we can still help retailers excel their expectations this holiday season!

Not only did we have a successful day at the show, we also had a cocktail hour in which we met great people in a more relaxed, less business-like environment. A lot of great personalities that sure kept us laughing!

We then had a dinner at a place called the Summer Shack with some of our friends at Lenovo. An amazing time with the biggest lobsters I have personally ever seen!

Today, our CEO Udayan is taking part in a panel discussion on holiday preparedness for 2011 – something that I am sure is on all of the minds of retailers.

I am truly enjoying this experience, and the rest of the team is as well. Hopefully the conference today goes just as well, if not better!

If you are going to be joining us at the show tomorrow, please stop by booth #17 and pick up one of our bags & workbooks for yourself. We would love to meet you!


Highlights from the IRCE!

The Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition is always a great experience being that it is the largest online e-commerce show. This year’s IRCE was a huge success for the NetElixir team!

The number of attendees was phenomenal, breaking the IRCE attendee record at over 7,300! We had over 400 retailers come to our booth throughout the duration of the conference. It was wonderful to have the chance to meet everyone and gain a deeper insight into their businesses and challenges.

The most common discussion topics with retail marketers included:

  • Anxiety for the upcoming holiday season. Many retailers have been seeing a Q2 slump in sales which made them concerned to how the holiday season will be and what are some of the best practices they should be adopting.
  • “Amazon-ification” of the Internet. Retailers wanted to get ideas from us on surviving & thriving in an e-commerce world dominated by Amazon.
Also, as I mentioned in my last post, our giveaways were a HUGE hit! Not only did we distribute over 250 copies of our newly released 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook (which helped answer many of our visitor’s questions), but also our NetElixir tote bags were in high demand and we ran out of bags by the morning hours on the third day of exhibition! The hand-woven, orange colored bags are made of eco-friendly, jute material, and were imported all the way from West Bengal, India.
If you are interested in receiving a copy of our Fresh Ideas Workbook and one of our beautiful jute tote bags, please e-mail me at!

We’re so excited about all the successes this year’s IRCE brought & can’t wait until the next one!


The orange jute tote bag!

The NetElixir Bag!

The NetElixir team is finally back from the IRCE in San Diego! It was truly a privilege to be a part of the largest online e-commerce show. The diversity, number of attendees and enthusiasm levels made the IRCE very special.  We are so happy we had the opportunity to go and can’t wait for the next one!

One stand out success from this year’s IRCE was our NetElixir bag! We couldn’t believe that we ran out of bags by the morning hours of the third day of the exhibition!


Here’s a picture of the bag:












We attribute a lot of the NetElixir bag’s success to it’s orange color, it’s hand-woven and eco-friendly jute material, and that it has been imported all the way from West Bengal, India!

If you didn’t get the chance to pick one up at the show, or did not attend the show, you can still get your bag! Also, don’t forget to get a copy of the newly released 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook! E-mail me at & I would be happy to send you both!



NetElixir at the IRCE!

The NetElixir team is really enjoying their time at the Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition occuring right now in San Diego. There are a lot of great people to meet and the team is having a fantastic time handing out our NetElixir bag (which has turned out to be a huge hit!) and our 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook that we’ve been waiting so anxiously to release!

Here are some pictures from the show:

The NetElixir Booth #909 at the IRCE


NetElixir's Udayan Bose & Nick Pifani at the IRCE

The Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition

Our NetElixir Bag we're handing out at the IRCE!