Should you be promoting all of your products through paid search?

With many Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Should we be promoting all of our products through paid search?”  The answer is no!

First, companies must take a deeper look into the relationship between Sales Velocity and Margin which equals Return On Investment (ROI). (See Chart Below)  By identifying where each company’s products fall under the following four sections: (High Margin, Low Sales Velocity) (High Margin, High Sales Velocity) (Low Margin, Low Sales Velocity) and (Low Margin, High Sales Velocity) they will be able to design specific PPC campaigns for each segment in the chart.

For a High Margin, Low Sales Velocity, companies should refresh their keyword list regularly, utilize time bound promotions to boost sales, and experiment with ad copies and landing pages.  Companies can use long tail keywords with more descriptive words to help generate more targeted searches. Ex. (Car Dealership or Designer Furniture Companies)

For High Margin, High Sales Velocity, companies should focus on efficiency and growth, controlled keyword list expansion, and identify new sources for keywords.  (Tablets or iPhone)

For Low Margin, High Sales Velocity, companies should figure out their average order value, the order margin, and number of inventory turnovers.  Here companies should have high impact keywords that draw attention to the ads.  Since there is a low margin, there is very little room to experiment or be creative with ad campaigns.  Ex. (BIC Pens)

For Low Margin, Low Sales Velocity, companies should not be utilizing any PPC campaigns and should instead be evaluating of keyword search advertising is right for them.  (Specialized trinkets like keychains)


-The NetElixir Team

LXR Retail: Manage Your Entire SEM Portfolio—And Effectively Manage Your Time, Too.

If you haven’t at least heard of LXR Retail, then you and your SEM portfolio are certainly in for a surprise. NetElixir’s integrated search engine marketing management and optimization technology, that allows users easily to stay on top of their portfolio, is sure to optimize any SEM campaign. In a crowded marketplace, time and efficiency are key components to any campaign’s success. With an increasing amount of SEM management technologies being introduced to the market, simplicity is king. LXR Retail is the perfect combination of a technology that includes all the in-depth information essential to properly managing your campaign, while maintaining an easy to use, easy to read dashboard and interface. It is this seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and simple user navigation that makes LXR Retail such a powerful tool.

So what does this innovative tool bring to the table? For starters, the technology is extremely easy to setup. In fact, it takes no more than ten minutes to create a new campaign. Time spent deciphering a difficult start up process is valuable time wasted. LXR Retail allows you to quickly engage in improving your SEM portfolio, by eliminating all the confusion associated with getting the ball rolling.

Now that you are on your way to improving your SEM portfolio, LXR Retail uses proven proprietary algorithms to give your portfolio the most bang for its buck. These algorithms optimize bids and budget allocations in order to ensure the most cost effective use of your SEM dollars.

Since much of the success around SEM management comes from the ability to stay on top of your portfolio’s progress at all times, the LXR Retail technology is also comprised of continually updated campaign performance metrics. This technology, which works alongside the proprietary algorithms mentioned above, allows for the user to receive real time updates about their campaigns optimization. Thus, reassuring them when things are good and alerting them when changes may need to be made. These real time updates help users manage their time in terms of when attention must be paid to their portfolio and when they can focus on more revenue generating tasks.

The icing on the cake: LXR Retails 3-hour response commitment. When you choose LXR Retail, not only do you receive an easy to use tool that allows for complete visibility of your SEM campaigns, but you are also joining a team dedicated to ensuring the success of your SEM portfolio. With technology consultants available around the clock, you are guaranteed to receive assistance on any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise, within the first 3 hours of your request—even on holidays and weekends.

LXR Retail’s innovative and integrated technology is just one of the ways NetElixir helps their clients maximize opportunities in all facets of the online marketing spectrum.

Visit the LXR Retail webpage for an even more in-depth look at how the technology can improve your campaign(s) and get you on your way to managing a stronger, more efficient SEM portfolio.

This week only, visit us at booth #45 at the eTail West Conference on February 28th to receive an unlimited 30-Day access pass to LXR Retail for just $499, and let the product do the talking!


Get a closer look at LXR Retail, HERE!

9 Week Marketing Calendar to Have Success This Holiday Season!

Summer is officially coming to an end, and as it does, the Holiday Season inches closer and closer. At NetElixir, we understand how crucial of a time period this is for all retailers, and as the anxiety starts to build, we wanted to help retailers stay organized and optimized for success. Our team has created a white paper that includes a 9-week Holiday Marketing Calendar, key dates to be aware of, and more to maximize the impact of your holiday marketing plan this season.

Here is the link for the white paper:

If you would like to receive more information on how we can help with your online marketing program or if you would like to receive a complimentary copy of our 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook to Turbo Charge Your Online Marketing Program this Holiday Season, please email me at

We’re here to help you achieve success this Holiday Season!! Best of luck!







NetElixir’s Overall Experience at Etail 2011

After two long, yet exciting days at the Etail 2011, the NetElixir Team has come home to Princeton. It was an extremely rewarding experience I had by attending this show. It was great to see exhibitors, including ourselves, coming together with retailers from all over the country. Not only were we able to network, but everyone was able to learn from each other. This definitely showed true at the panel discussion that our CEO, Udayan Bose, participated in.

The panel consisted of two exhibitors, one being ourselves, and two online retailers coming together to discuss holiday preparedness for 2011 – all from different parts of the country! Each company executive shared their experiences and successes when “dealing with” previous holiday seasons, as well as the outlook for this year. With the volatile state of economy, the holidays are something every retailer seems to be preparing for and for most, feeling anxious about as well. It was extremely useful for retailers of all sizes to be there to listen and plan for this upcoming holiday season.

Overall I believe the show was a success and we were able to get some great people to come to our booth and learn about NetElixir. I’m eager to see if some of the connections we made will continue to the future & what upcoming shows may bring as well!


Highlights from the IRCE!

The Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition is always a great experience being that it is the largest online e-commerce show. This year’s IRCE was a huge success for the NetElixir team!

The number of attendees was phenomenal, breaking the IRCE attendee record at over 7,300! We had over 400 retailers come to our booth throughout the duration of the conference. It was wonderful to have the chance to meet everyone and gain a deeper insight into their businesses and challenges.

The most common discussion topics with retail marketers included:

  • Anxiety for the upcoming holiday season. Many retailers have been seeing a Q2 slump in sales which made them concerned to how the holiday season will be and what are some of the best practices they should be adopting.
  • “Amazon-ification” of the Internet. Retailers wanted to get ideas from us on surviving & thriving in an e-commerce world dominated by Amazon.
Also, as I mentioned in my last post, our giveaways were a HUGE hit! Not only did we distribute over 250 copies of our newly released 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook (which helped answer many of our visitor’s questions), but also our NetElixir tote bags were in high demand and we ran out of bags by the morning hours on the third day of exhibition! The hand-woven, orange colored bags are made of eco-friendly, jute material, and were imported all the way from West Bengal, India.
If you are interested in receiving a copy of our Fresh Ideas Workbook and one of our beautiful jute tote bags, please e-mail me at!

We’re so excited about all the successes this year’s IRCE brought & can’t wait until the next one!


The orange jute tote bag!

Your Online Holiday Advertising Checklist for 2011 From NetElixir!

NetElixir’s 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook is making its debut in only six days at this year’s Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in San Diego! The team at NetElixir is very excited for this year’s edition and wanted to give a sneak peak to what it has to offer!

With the fluctuating economy and the “Amazonification” over the Internet that is more than prevalent, it is obvious that these conditions have made it a struggle for any size online retailer to succeed today. NetElixir really tapped into this dilemma with this “practical idea-book” that was designed to help retailers of any size improve their online marketing programs and increase profit sales, especially in the most prominent time of the year for sales- the holiday season.

Here is the first of the practical online marketing tips from the workbook being released –

Your Holiday Advertising Checklist for 2011:

  • Define measurable marketing goals and have a strategy in place.
  • Establish KPI’s and checkpoints to measure progress.
  • Use Channel Efficiency Dashboard to track performance.
  • Maintain flexible campaign management processes that enable you to tap new opportunities.
  • Plan marketing spend allocation based on consumer buying patterns around the holidays.

This is just one of the 10 or more tips given in the 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook. Be sure to stay tuned for we will be revealing more in the days to come before the Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition next week!

If you’re going to be attending the IRCE, be sure to stop by and meet the NetElixir team at Booth #909!



Relationship Building & Social Media: Courtney Suthoff

Ada Wong, NetElixir’s Client Relationship Manager, had the chance to catch up with a few social media practitioners and leaders at the SocialMediaPlus Web 2.0 Business Summit earlier this week in Philadelphia.

Courtney Suthoff, Managing Supervisor at Fleishman Hillard, Inc., supports General Motors and specifically Mary Henige, GM’s Director of Social Media, Broadcast and Communications Technology, at her presentation at the Summit.  Ada caught up with Courtney after the session to discuss trends in social media from a public relations perspective.