About NetElixir

Creating, Connecting, Collaborating: all things marketing in the digital space

NetElixir was founded by Udayan Bose, having experienced first hand both the immense potential of paid search as a high value lead generator as well as the encumbering complexity involved in running a profitable campaign. Determined to turn paid search into a reliable and efficient lead generation mechanism, Udayan built NetElixir, with the goal to enable search advertisers to run successful and profitable paid search advertising campaigns in a predictable manner.

The NetElixir team has many decades of experience in search marketing, advertising, technology and global operations management. Our team includes top level business executives in multiple industries, who drive our committed focus on connecting campaign execution with customer goals, search objectives with business bottom lines.

Here at NetElixir, we literally live and breathe “search”. Our team of technologists, business analysts and advertising professionals are constantly ideating, innovating, and implementing unique practices that drive towards our vision of empowering search advertisers.

In addition, our proximity to the academic world keeps us abreast of the latest research in our field. We anticipate and embrace the continuous transformations in this dynamic industry a few steps ahead of the competition.

Our technology and processes are the fruits of months of research, tests, validations, and re-validations, working in partnership with our clients to define and optimize meaningful measures of campaign success and profitability across a diverse range of businesses. Our goal is to harness the vast potential of paid search advertising into a valuable and reliable means for driving sales, building brands, and accelerating business.

We have launched this blog in order to facilitate conversation and create an interactive forum for marketers, advertisers and anyone interested in the digital space.  Our goal is to generate dialogue and introduce thought provoking topics.   We invite our partners, clients, colleagues and readers to join us in the discussion. It isn’t a community without your contribution!